Hood To Coast Memories

An Oral History of the Mother of All Relays

About the Book

In the upcoming book ‘Hood To Coast Memories, An Oral History of the Mother of All Relays,’ participants, volunteers, spectators, organizers, celebrities, support team members and others will share short personal stories, remembrances and recollections of the ‘Mother of All Relays’ to provide the first-ever oral history of the greatest relay race in history.


In an effort to capture the character, appeal and personality of this event which just celebrated its 35th anniversary and annually attracts more than 12,000 participants – we’re now compiling personal stories and remembrances from Hood To Coast.   We want to hear from you with your personal stories.  It may be a story from the race itself or from organizing, training, planning or other activities surrounding the event.

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A Message From Hood To Coast

In 2016, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of Hood To Coast.  Over the years, we’ve watched the relay grow from eight Oregon-based teams in the inaugural race to now more than 1,000 from throughout the United States and around the world.  From talking to participants, volunteers, spectators and others at every Hood To Coast, I know many lasting memories have been created at the event.


Now those personal remembrances from Hood To Coast are being collected for a book, tentatively titled, ‘Hood to Coast, An Oral History of the Mother of All Relays.’


We’re working together with the authors to compile and preserve many of the memories from the first 35 years of Hood To Coast.  If you have a special memory, please feel free to share it with the writers.  


I’m looking forward to the day when I can sit down and read this book and enjoy the special memories you have of Hood To Coast. 


Bob Foote

Founder, Hood To Coast