Hood To Coast Memories

An Oral History of "The Mother of All Relays"

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About the Book

Hood to Coast Memories features personal recollections from “The Mother of All Relays.” Runners, walkers, volunteers, event organizers, and others share their memories from the almost 200-mile relay race across Oregon from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Coast. The book captures the character and appeal of the race that began in 1982 with eight teams and has grown to more than 1,000 teams and over 12,000 competitors.

It is 410 pages and includes over 250 stories about the race, as well as more than 20 pages of pictures. The book is not simply about the elite teams or the fast runners. It doesn’t focus solely on the early years of the race, or highlight only the relay’s recent history. Instead it features memories from the inaugural event and the early years, through the record-breaking and unique teams of the 1990s, into the 2000s, and all the way to today.

Bob Foote Says

“Over the years, we’ve watched with amazement at the tremendous growth of Hood To Coast from a grassroots event to one with participants from throughout the U.S. and around the world. From talking to participants, volunteers, and others every year, I know there’s an incredible sense of camaraderie among those involved, and that many special experiences and lasting memories have been created. The authors have compiled and preserved many of those personal remembrances.”
—Bob Foote, founder and chairman, Hood To Coast

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